What We Do

skilletThe foundation is named after 12-year-old Brittany Balser of Hilliard, who, after a 4-week fight with the disease in Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, lost her life to TTP. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura is a rare blood disease that afflicts females ages 20–50, but recently has afflicted younger girls ages 12 to 14.

    Fund-raising efforts through the generosity of corporations, music artists (local and national), audio visual companies, and professional athletes, restaurants, hotels are very significant to the future outcome of this endeavor. We will be announcing upcoming benefit concerts with nationally known artists that will be helping out the foundation by playing shows all over the USA with RUSH CONCERTS.  Grammy Award winners, along with and multi-million album selling artists have worked with our foundation including STYX, 38 SPECIAL, ASIA, KUTLESS, FAMILY FORCE 5, SKILLET, PETRA, JARS OF CLAY, NATALIE GRANT, and DISCIPLE and HOUSE OF HEROES.

Due to the rarity of this fatal disease, the doctors at Children’s Hospital had very little medical information or experience with which to treat and save Brittany's life.  The fact that it is a rare blood disease has meant that little has been done to fund research and development of new and better ways to diagnose and treat it. It is also due to the rarity of the disease that our foundation has NOT benefited from donations from corporations, or grants for research from underwriters.
We do need your help!